Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer, the child of Holocaust survivors, immigrated to America aboard the Queen Mary through New York Harbor thus beginning the story of politics, controversy and fame.

Though he is perhaps best known for his self-titled Jerry Springer Show and other entertainment roles, Jerry began his career in politics in 1968 while working for the RFK campaign. In 1971, he was won a seat on the Cincinnati City Council and later became the mayor of Cincinnati at age 33. After an unsuccessful bid for governor, Jerry was hired by the local NBC affiliate where he would receive numerous awards.

In 1991, he launched the oft controversial self-titled Jerry Springer Show and soared into the entertainment industry where he most recently appeared on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and hosted NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”

In 2004, Jerry was named Democrat of the Year by the Ohio Democratic Party. He continues to travel around Ohio helping candidates, raising and donating funds, registering voters and delivering a message of hope and action for working families. His appearances are popular with college students, unionists, and party regulars.