Upcoming Speakers

November 2017

Tuesday, November 28
6pm to 7pm

Garrett Graff is the author of “Raven Rock,” the eye-opening true story of the government’s secret plans to survive and rebuild after a catastrophic attack on US soil—a narrative that spans from the dawn of the nuclear age to today.

In Raven Rock, Graff sheds light on the inner workings of the 650-acre compound (called Raven Rock) just miles from Camp David, as well as dozens of other bunkers the government built its top leaders during the Cold War, from the White House lawn to Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado to Palm Beach, Florida, and the secret plans that would have kicked in after a Cold War nuclear attack to round up foreigners and dissidents, and nationalize industries.

Equal parts a presidential, military, and political history, Raven Rock tracks the evolution of the government’s plans and the threats of global war from the dawn of the nuclear era through the present day. Relying upon thousands of pages of once-classified documents, as well as original interviews and visits to former and current COG facilities, Graff brings readers through the back channels of government to understand exactly what is at stake if our nation is attacked, and how we’re prepared to respond if it is.


*Book signing to follow

Wednesday, November 29
12pm to 1pm

The state of Arkansas has set an ambitious goal of moving from 37 percent of third graders reading on grade level to 80 percent by the year 2030. The Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading and its partners will discuss how they will achieve this goal by engaging parents, ensuring children are ready for kindergarten, reducing chronic absenteeism, equipping teachers to use the science of reading, and stopping summer learning loss. 

A board member for the Clinton School Center on Community Philanthropy, Ralph Smith, will moderate a panel of Dr. Chad Rodgers (Medical Director, Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care), Johnny Key (Commissioner, Arkansas Department of Education), and Angela Duran (Campaign Director, Arkansas Campaign for Grade-Level Reading).

Thursday, November 30
12pm to 1pm

The Arkansas Repertory Theatre is proud to present the world premiere of a new chamber musical based upon O. Henry’s beloved holiday story. Unwrap a new tradition in this tender tale of love and sacrifice, told with fresh intimacy on The Rep stage. Acclaimed playwright Jeffrey Hatcher (Compleat Female Stage Beauty, Tuesdays with Morrie, Three Viewings) is joined by composer Andrew Cooke and 2017 Jonathan Larson Grant recipient Maggie-Kate Coleman (lyricist).

Jim and Della may not have much, but they have each other. As December 25th approaches, they each lament their modest means and search for the perfect gift for their beloved spouse. A joyous, bittersweet and life-affirming fable, The Gift of the Magi will warm your heart this winter.

Join the cast and crew for a panel discussion about this production and more.